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Siauliai House of Entrepreneurs - real estate company
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UAB Siauliai House of Entrepreneurs is numbered among the successfully performing real estate companies in Siauliai City and Region since 1998. 9 real estate experts, including 4 qualified property and business valuators are working in the company at present time. Our company has its registered domicile in the Republic of Lithuania. The company possesses property rights to 2000 sq.m space in this building, 96 per cent of this space successfully renting to various companies, enterprises and organizations.
Since its establishment our company has been actively interested in the real estate market; it gathers, accumulates, analyses and successfully employs experience of local and foreign real estate agencies as well as building-investment companies. Having been diligently engaged in the real estate market and successfully implemented investment projects, the company now possesses experience and knowledge for it could succeed in the rest of Lithuania as well as abroad. Many years of performance, new perspectives and personal contacts induced us to make secure relations with Russia. Russian building - investment companies are ready to invest their funds into building of commercial sites and living houses, with our help.

Being aware of the market and possessing experience, the company successfully assists its customers, willing to buy, sell, rent or possess real estate, performing property and business evaluation in short time. Experts of the company are closely co-operating with banks and leasing companies, assisting its customers to obtain financing to be used to purchase, build, reconstruct real estate on favourable terms.
Instant and attentive customer servicing in rendering top quality real estate services, timely and efficient implementation of investment projects - this is our basic aim.

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